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Intelligence and Security at the Edge​

Talk Abstract

The processing of data and intelligence of the systems in current trends of IoT has emerged in cloud computing. This centralized approach with data acquired at the edge and stored/processed at the cloud has shown some challenges.

Applications that are mission-critical must continue to work even when the network is not available. There will also be occasions where security and privacy concerns limit the amount or type of data that is sent to the Cloud. To overcome these challenges, we see the trend of distributing intelligence across a system with data collected, processed and shared across smart systems from the edge device through edge servers to the Cloud.

The talk will provide insight on an ecosystem providing products, solutions and tools where Distributed Intelligence can take many forms, with AI (Artificial Intelligence) distributed across the system, including down to the edge nodes where both microcontrollers and sensors can be AI-powered. Embedded security concerns and framework will also be discussed to take care well of security and privacy concerns.

Presented By

Vinay Thapliyal

Technical Marketing Manager, MCU- India | STMicroelectronics

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