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Learn to Think like an IoT Architect -- First Step Towards IIoT

Learn to Think like an IoT Architect -- First Step Towards IIoT

This workshop will provide a complete understanding of how IIoT works in a Big Picture, which will enable you to think like an IoT Architect.

Speaker/Instructor: Jaya Shakthi Kannan, Founder, Makers Tribe
Date: 13 February 2020
Time: 11:00 AM to 01:30 PM
Venue: Workshop Hall C, KTPO Trade Centre, Bangalore.
Fee: Rs. 2,999/- (Limited seats available)

Objective of the workshop

It will be the starting point to take your career in Industrial IoT. The Understanding of the big picture of the Industrial IoT and how to connect the dots for the better IoT Products/Services.

Who can attend this workshop?

Anyone Can Attend this Workshop, Just love and enthusiasm towards IoT is enough.

What all will be covered under this workshop?

  1. How To build the Industrial ready IoT Product/Service.
  2. Things to consider when you build the IoT product/Service

Benefits/Takeaways of this workshop for the attendees.

  1. Deep Understanding of the Communication Protocols
  2. Knowledge about the entire IoT Architecture
  3. Able to build the best IoT solution for a particular problem

Pre-Requisites for Course

  1. Basic understanding of IoT will be good, but not mandatory.

About Speaker

Jaya Shakthi Kannan is the Founder of Chennai's First IoT Makerspace called Makers Tribe. He is the Founder of Industrial IoT Company called CDIX Innovations Pvt. Ltd. He has extensive knowledge in Industrial Automation. He has worked with many Industrial automation Projects in different domains like Chemical Industry, Pharma Industry, Renewable Energies, Garments, Automobiles, etc. He runs a Non-Profit IoT community called IoT For All, with 3000+ Members. He has delivered IoT Related Tech Talks in MakerFair, MSME, Industries, and Institutions.

Jaya Shakthi Kannan
Founder, Makers Tribe