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Recognising India’s Best IoT Solutions & Solution Providers


While India has been an early adopter of IoT, there’s been a lack of recognition of the work being done by various stakeholders.

To bridge that gap, we’re announcing IoT@India India Awards–an attempt to recognise the Best IoT deployments in India.

These awards will recognise excellence in engineering and deploying IoT projects–at regional and national levels.

IoT@India Awards will be handed out at a Gala Ceremony on the 14th of February at as part of at KTPO, Bengaluru.

We invite nominations from solution providers who’ve deployed these solutions successfully. For more details related to nomination fee and terms & conditions, please refer to our FAQ. And, for any queries that remain, please feel free to contact us at

Broad Trends of IoT Deployments in India

Based on nominations received so far, here are the broad trends that we are witnessing:

  1. IoT deployments are now providing clear RoI. Most nominations received so far—reveal clear RoI figures. This seems to indicate that customers are now experiencing measurable gains from their IoT deployments.
  2. Customers are ready to share their success stories with others. 80% nominations have been filed where customer details can be shared.
  3. All types of organisations are filing nominations, be it start-ups, SMEs or multi-nationals.
  4. The range of business challenges which have been solved by the nominated IoT deployments is vast. We’ve received nominations for manufacturing, logistics, asset tracking, energy management, et al.
  5. The deployments are all across India. Some are even in remote hinterlands. And, a few are global, but spear-headed by teams in India.

Interestingly, KEY REASONS driving nominees seem to be the BENEFITS they will receive--once their nomination gets approved. Winning an award seems to be a bonus!


  1. Permission to use logo stating Nominee of IoT@India Awards, if nomination is approved
  2. Coverage of nominated deployment by our journalist on
  3. Coverage of deployment in Electronics For You magazine for the special story titled IoT Deployments Enabling Digital India (May 2020 issue)
  4. Permission to use logo stating Top 5 Nominee of IoT@India Awards, if nomination is selected amongst the Top 5 in its category
  5. Interview of firm and customer filed on, if deployment is nominated amongst Top 5 nominees
  6. Mention in Official Press Release of IoT@India Awards, if deployment is selected amongst Top 5 nominees for the nominated category
  7. TWO ‘All Business Access’ pass (priced Rs 19,998) that enable access to CXO Summit: Profit from IoT, all tech conferences, and IoT@India Awards
  8. Last but not the least—a strong chance of winning India’s only awards recognising the best IoT deployments by teams in India